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  • name:Nsi-189
  • no.:CAS No.:1270138-40-3
  • specification:Purity: 99.0%~99.9%
  • package: According to requirement
Product Details

ISO Lab powder NSI-189 / nootropic capsules free base NSI 189 / NSI189 powder
Product Name
Nsi 189
Other Name
99%min by HPLC
white fine powder
Shelf Life
2 Years
NSI-189 is neurogenic and nootropic research agent that was developed from nicotinamide and pyrazine. Randomized controlled trials have shown that it stimulates neurogenesis or neuronal cell production in the brain. In animal studies, it has also been shown to increase the volume of hippocampus by 20% thereby reversing behavioral symptoms of depression. Such studies have shown that it may be an effective treatment for depression. It is also thought to be a promising treatment for other condition including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Alzheimer's disease and age-related cognitive problems.
1.Nsi-189 can enhance cognition and memory formation 
2.Nsi-189 can anxiolytic properties  
NSI-189 NSI189  NSI 189 NSI-189 NSI189 NSI 189 NSI-189 NSI189 NSI 189
3.Nsi-189 can be anti-depressive effect 
4.Nsi-189 can be treatment of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
5.Nsi-189 can increase coordination
6.Nsi-189 can improve mood  
NSI-189 NSI189 NSI 189 NSI-189 NSI189 NSI 189
7.Nsi-189 can help fight fatigue
8.Nsi-189 can prevent oxidation within the brain