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  • name:DMDC
  • no.:CAS No.:67-48-1
  • specification:Purity: 99.0%~99.9%
  • package:According To Requirement
Product Details


Chemical formula C4H6O5
C.A.S number 004-525-33-1
Formula weight 134.09
Appearance Colourless liquid
Assay Not less than 99.8%
Density 1.25g/cm3(20°C/68°F)
Application Using for different beverage:
◆ flavored water
◆ energy drinks
◆ tea drinks
◆ juice till 100%
Mechanism of efficiency of DMDC DMDC can permeate through the cell membrane, and block the metabolism through reacting with the enzymes of microorganism, then achieve the purpose of sterilization. Even in very low additive amount, DMDC can effectively kill typical spoilage bacteria in beverage, and not affect the taste, flavor and color of the beverage. Furthermore, it could be rapidly and completely hydrolyzed to carbon dioxide and methanol, which are the natural ingredients of juice.
Package Package Gauga: 5kg/25kg
Storage conditions In optimal storage conditions (storage temperature: 20°C-30°C), the storage period is one year