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  • name:Alpha GPC
  • no.:CAS No.: 28319-77-9
  • specification:50%-99%
  • package:Aluminum Foil Bag, Carton, Fibre Drum
Product Details
Top quality Alpha GPC 50% 99%  powder 85% liquid  CAS 28319-77-9
Product  Name
Alpha GPC
Other Names
White  powder / Colorless liquid
Shelf Life
2 years

Basic information:
In Europe alpha-GPC is a prescription medication for the treatment of Alzheimer s disease. It is available in two forms; one is taken by mouth, and the other is given as a shot. In the United States alpha-GPC is only available as a dietary supplement, mostly in products promoted to improve memory.Other uses for alpha-GPC include treatment of various kinds of dementia, stroke, and "mini stroke" (transient ischemic attack, TIA). Alpha-GPC is also used for improvi
ng memory, thinking skills, and learning.

How does it work? Alpha GPCalpha-GPC Alpha GPC alpha-GPC powder liquid
Alpha GPC seems to increase a chemical in the brain called acetylcholine. This brain chemical is important for memory and learning functions. Alpha GPC alpha-GPC powder liquid  Alpha GPC alpha-GPC powder liquid


1) alpha gpc powder has magic function of protecting brains.
2) alpha gpc powder is also used in increasing the immune system

3) alpha gpc powder also can be used to improve the quality of sleep and so on.
4) alpha gpc powder has the function of cooperation and supplement.
Alpha GPC is a chemical released when a fatty acid found in soy and other plants breaks down. It is used as medicine.